Pastoral staff

Gordie and Kathleen Lagore - 

Senior Pastors

We have lived in Vancouver since 1991, have been part of this congregation for most of that time, and are in our 23rd year as lead pastors. We have an exciting leadership team with a fresh and clear vision for what God wants to do in us and through us. Our vision is to be a safe place for children, artists, the poor, first nations, immigrants and those who have resources and are looking for a cause to their life to, as together we reach out to love and serve our world where it's hurting the most.

We have been married 40 years. We have two remarkable grown children, and four grandchildren, with whom we are completely and hopelessly obsessed. (You will likely get to know them if you come on Sundays as they are often up on the video screen). We began our married life in Calgary, as Youth Pastors from 1978-1988, and also travelled in ministry across Canada and other parts of the world including Europe, Africa and Asia. After a two year sabbatical with the house church movement in England, we moved to Vancouver in the early 1990's and assumed the pastorate of the Eastside Vineyard in 1996. We love it here, are having more fun that we've ever had.

Gordie has completed his Masters' in Spiritual Theology at Regent College and continues to focus on teaching, writing, leading VEV with a contemplative approach. Having graduated from the Art of Spiritual Direction with Soulstreams, he offers spiritual direction and has a passion to foster a culture of spiritual direction in our community, both one-on-one, in small groups, and in corporate worship. Kathleen has a passion for the next  generation, and teaches ESL to immigrants. We both love children, tennis, mocha, reading, movies, hiking, swimming, adventurous eating, and working together on our home in Hastings Sunrise. We have a deep love for people of all cultures and backgrounds. We enjoy hosting international homestay students from Korea, Switzerland, and other parts of the world and including them in our lives and family. We'd love for you to be a part of our growing family and to let God use your unique gifts to serve in your area of passion.



to read and download VEV's full Statement of Faith.



to the "Fusion" Document of our Faith, Vision, and Mission.

who we are and what we believe

"So what the heck is 'the Vineyard' anyways? Are there grapes involved? Do you make wine or something?" 

Those really are good question so thanks for asking!

The Vineyard is a movement that started in the United States in 1975 with a California church plant led by a soft-spoken man named Kenn Guliksen. The movement started to grow and in 1982 the reins were handed over to John Wimber, a charismatic and evangelistic pastor who profoundly impacted the association of Vineyard churches until his death in 1997. Today there are over 1500 Vineyard churches worldwide and the music that has emerged out of the Vineyard milieu has impacted the whole of the Christian church. Click HERE for a video of the Vineyard's history.

Outreach & mission

Lower Post BC, The Kaska Dena People

Vancouver Eastside Vineyard Church values First Nations peoples, their culture, their history, and their future. The destiny of indigenous peoples in Canada is tied inseparably to the destiny of our country as a whole. As a church, we talk the talk and we walk the walk. As part of our emphasis on indigenous issues our church annually sends teams of people up to Lower Post, a Kaska Dena reservation on the BC/Yukon border, and has been doing so since 1995! Lower Post is 1257 miles away from Vancouver by road and driving to and from Lower Post is the equivalent of driving deep into the Mexican Baja and back. 

The CBC has recently released a 4-part documentary about the relationship between indigenous people and the rest of Canada called "The 8th Fire"

Click HERE to go to CBC's website and watch it free online. 

Read the report of our 2014 missions trip to Lower Post HERE. (PDF 14 MB) 

Click HERE to watch "A Healing Journey", a documentary about how Frances Carlick, an indigenous woman from Lower Post, found healing from the trauma of the Canadian residential school system through the Vancouver Eastside Vineyard church.