Fall teaching series 2017

“Because God’s Story is one of reconciliation, we are striving towards reflecting the ethnic, cultural, and social diversity of our land of “many nations.” In the spirit of the One we follow, we stand in solidarity with the marginalized and oppressed, and are striving to live that out with increasing integrity, for we recognize that no one is truly free while others are oppressed. Because of our unique history, this includes being particularly attentive to an ongoing relationship of honour with Canada’s Indigenous and Francophone peoples, and to the healing of historic wounds in our land, without which there can be no true reconciliation." from the Vineyard Canada National Fusion Docum

The well-known and well-loved narrative of the Exodus is more than a great series of stories about plagues and the Red Sea splitting! These narratives are significant in providing a foundational framework for informing our message of the Good News and our mission in proclaiming it, as is demonstrated over and over in the pages of the New Testament. Exodus compels us to a message and mission that his holistic.  While Exodus is a wonderful picture of God liberating us from the slavery of our sin through the cross of Christ, there is so much more to the story! In this regard, the church has sometimes tended to one of two extremes, either over-spiritualized or over-politicized. Both of these tendencies are harmful. When these occur, we become either dualistic in our message or unaware of how the evil we are fighting connects to our own heart. We need to be focusing on how the Good News impacts our world now and our place in the larger Christian mission to spread that message.


The narrative of Exodus taken as a whole confronts both systemic and personal evil, and helps us see the critical relationship between them. In a world that is divided and polarized, Exodus, in light of the Good News, informs our posture towards evil systems and structures while keeping a watchful eye on our own hearts.


During this series, we will be particularly addressing how Exodus informs our message and mission with regards to Canada’s First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people. This will include joining in Vancouver’s Second Reconciliation Walk on Sunday, September 24. Of course, the message of the Exodus far transcends one particular issue but this issue is at the forefront for us in this time and place in history. It is critical for disciples of Jesus who live in Canada to be informed on these issues.